Ahrefs Site Explorer: Backlinks Tracker

Ahrefs Site Explorer: Backlinks Tracker

Ahrefs site explorer is a fantastic tool to track backlinks and know which moves are doing your competitors to rank higher than you and get more conversions


By V-Future

Ahrefs site explorer is a tool to track backlinks and see how your competition is doing in a discrete way.


How to use  Ahrefs Site Explorer


The first step is to put a domain of a competitor in the search field of ahrefs site explorer and see what they are doing.

So we see a big number that ranks the domain in ahrefs site explorer.

When you start to see a score above 80 that means is a really established website.

And if you want to reach that status you must invest a lot of time or money in order to get there.

At the right corner we can see the quantity of traffic the website gets organically, how many regular views they have.

The refers domain is a total of backlinks the website has received from other websites through the years.

The difference between backlinks and refers domain is:

You might have X number of referrer links on one different site.

Ahrefs site explorer is organized by site, so if we click on that option we can see endorsements and everything related with those links.

You can sort those links by relevance, traffic, etc.


Ahrefs site explorer is a tool to track backlinks

Hire a good journalist in order to get clout


If you find a good mass media linking that website to theirs, go and make a genuine compliment to the person that wrote the article.

And then talk about money, how much do you charge to make an article about my website?

Yeah, talk about cash, people loves cash, that will help a lot to position your website in the google ranks.


I told you how to find those contacts in the last blog post, you can find it HERE


Ahrefs.com also tell us how many keywords they are ranking, how many referring domains are backing up their website.

You can add an alert to know if your competitor is receiving support from other websites.

So if you are a startup and you have big competitors, put them in the alert section.

And as soon as a blog article or press release comes out, you will get noticed.

Content Explorer, be a professional stalker


Content Explorer is a fantastic section of this website, you can track anything inside that website related to blog posts and multimedia.

Sort it by whatever you need to find. You will get information about anything that’s surrounding that topic in specific.

You can track all the social media shares, likes, posts. This is to identify what is working well in this niche.


Keywords explore is another useful search box in ahrefs. You can track the difficulty of the keywords you inserted on the website.

How much will cost to rank like them it’s a great tip you can get on this part. Below you can see more information, everything very well organized.


Remember my friend, don’t overcomplicate things, be brief.


See you in the next post!


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