Brand Storytelling: Unfair advantage

Brand Storytelling: Unfair advantage

How to use brand storytelling to sell anything you want, this is the secret sauce of selling almost anything! You will not get this info free anywhere!


By V-Future

Brand storytelling has been used for a very long time.


I remember once I was surfing the web and there was a popup ad with an annoying long video. Telling some weird and wild stuff like:

The secret formula!


«Hi, my name is Josh and this is a FISH…

And just in a few minutes I’m gonna show you how THIS FISH will gonna help you how to get laid.

And I’ll do it without teaching you cheesy pickup lines that don’t work.

Without letting you spend a dime on dinners and drinks and without anyone ever noticing you are using his techniques on them!

But first I gotta warn you, I’ve taught this technique you are about to learn to over 110.000 guys just like you.

Who live in over 30 countries around the world and it’s going to make hot women stare at you and uncontrollably chase you.

But to be fair to the other 110.000 guys who’ve shoved money in my pockets, to teach them this technique already.

I’m only going to be able to leave this video for 24 hours so this is literally the only chance you’ll get to see this video all the way through.

And if you actually think you have something better to do than learn this technique…

You are either gay (not there’s anything wrong with that if you are) or so old you piss dust.

If you consider yourself an above average or even typical guy, stick around, this is totally for you.

And if you watch until the end of the webinar I’m going to give you this system that is literally stepped by step.»


Brand Storytelling: The definitive guide


Then I saw a lot of advertisements repeating the same formula, and apparently, that worked well for them.


So today I’m gonna teach you how to use brand storytelling to sell any product.


(And how to use clickbait correctly)

First of all, you gonna say some weird statement like that, then you go after the core desires.

And how do you know that?

Do a research before and find the issues people come up with.

Then put a barrier between your ideal buyer persona and irrelevant people for your business.

For example, «If you are looking for make every woman fall in love with you, this is not for you.

But if you are looking to improve your results with women and stop being rejected every single time you try to make a move, stick with me.»

Then talk about… that dark phase about your life where you couldn’t even say hi to a girl without she screaming:


*pig noises* *feminazi screech*

Brand Storytelling: Can you fill my cup, please?

Play with emotions


And what about that time you tried to flirt with a woman and she laughed at your face? painful, right? 

You are an ugly monster with one big bushy eyebrow, 4 teeth,1 eye, patchy beard, annoying high pitched voice.

You are fat as a big sumo wrestler with a horrible skin and your hair looks like a rat nest, just like me?

And you sometimes see men ugly as hell with cute girls and you don’t know how they do it?

Yeah! that’s why we are doing this!

If the guy reading this text is a stallion, handsome stud, with:


1. A square face,
2. Manly deep voice,
3. Ripped body with great abs,
4. Confident and charismatic


My brand storytelling doesn’t work for him.


And then you say «You are here because this is not the first time you are trying to solve this problem»

You can make your buyer persona feel empathic with your brand storytelling.

Then you tell them

«Well, this is your lucky day because I’m gonna teach you how to raise sexual tension with a woman you just met at the end of this presentation.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what this program is about.»


I’m your savior!


I’m gonna be the person who will take your hand and get you out of that septic hole where you are right now.

But I don’t wanna be worldwide famous so this is a very exclusive program.

Where you can finally understand what’s happening inside women’s mind.

I wanna help you to stop being a basement dweller and finally get a cute girlfriend.

So you can live your life based on other people’s expectations of who you should be.


Empathize with people


«I remember when I was 31 years old, miserable and depressed, my friends, family, and acquaintances told me I was a loser.

Despite I had the car, the house, the dream job, but something was missing.

Everybody started to doubt my sexuality and it destroyed my fragile masculinity.

My weekends were boring, I had no one to talk about nothing.

Just beating my meat before sleeping watching porn videos feeling so bad about myself.

Because at my 31 years old I was still a virgin, I never had a girl, I was that weirdo that never dared to talk with women.

They were so intimidating for me that I get nervous around them every single time.

Never was able to look them into their eyes and say something meaningful, just awkward silences…

Just imagine a man in his 30’s still virgin and fearing women because he was always rejected.

by the most hurtful ways you can imagine, isolated in parties placed in a corner with a drink in his hand, well, that was me.»


See? With brand storytelling, I’ve created a high drama peak.

You can feel the frustration, the pain, the impotence, and the uncertainty.

Talk about all the drama you want but don’t extend too much like that 45 minutes video I’m talking about.

That’s the main flaw of this method, too much talking. BE BRIEF, LESS IS MORE.


It’s a conspiracy!


After you feel the person behind the screen feel sorry for you, just right before starts thinking you are a loser …

Stop venting your problems on the web like a soy boy first world millennial kidult…

You will talk about how you started your path to find the solution to your problems.

Make it feel like it’s not their fault blaming someone else, like:


«You know, Hollywood and dramaturgs have been lying to us, women really don’t like what we think they like.

They are not looking for super caring nice guys that treat them like princesses and put their needs below them.

Women don’t respect men that, they want confident men with social skills.

The kind of men who never cares about if someone rejects them because they know their worth is that simple.

So forget about looking for female attention, it doesn’t work like that, they have been lying to us, all this time.

You gotta work on yourself if you want to someone find you attractive.

You gotta know these following rules if you don’t want to screw up with women.

so you will understand what they are trying to tell you in their strange language»

The answer


Then, you start talking about other people having similar results you had with this epíphany. This will give you credibility.

Talk about the benefits you discovered after that moment.

Now you go after the solution, you present yourself as the Messiah.

«I’ve created the best system on earth to make you an attractive man.

Cutting all the crap, this is straight what you need, what to say, how to respond to her tests.

When to act, how to avoid screwing it up, how to be a good lover.

And stop trying to guess what she’s trying to tell you so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did for 20 years.»

After that, use brand storytelling to talk about benefits again.

Talk about how much this really costs and why you are gonna sell it at a very low price.

Compared to how much money it costed you to create it because this is the next big thing.

By the way, this is the video I was talking about at the beginning of this post:

Use the value ladder here!


Make like 3 offers like «This program could cost 9999 but I’m not gonna charge you that amount of money. A rational price would be 3557 but after I realized it would be better to sell it at 139 dollars»


And Finally you will talk about your 30-90 days money back guaranteed if the client thinks it doesn’t worth it, this never fails.

You gotta be crazy to miss this one.

Well, I’m not crazy, this makes sense to me!

Now imagine how will life will improve after you buy my product.

This will not be available for too long! so buy now!

If you don’t like this, at least you learn something!


SOOOO For the first time ever, I will reveal FOR FREE:





Hi, I’m… me, and this element will teach you how to achieve your GOAL.

But first, let me tell you why BECAUSE THIS WILL NOT BE ONLINE FOR TOO LONG. (Scarcity)

First of all, let me tell you this PAINFUL SITUATION.

And before you feel disgusted I will start to talk about WHO YOU GOTTA BLAME BECAUSE IS NOT YOUR FAULT. (Conspiracy)

Your life is a mess, but suddenly I’ve DISCOVERED THE ANSWER and ALL MY PROBLEMS WERE SOLVED. (Epiphany).

And that why I bring you my PRODUCT, HI IM THE CREATOR OF THE PRODUCT. (Presentation).

Let’s talk about some TESTIMONIES, Let’s talk again about the BENEFITS OF MY PRODUCT. (Trust)

And how you have to HURRY UP because this is SCARCE. (Urgency)

I will only sell a few spots of this program before it’s closed forever. (Oh jeez…)

BUT IF YOU ACT NOW you will receive ALL THOSE BONUSES. (Value for money)


(Remember, impair numbers sells better, I don’t know why but it works)

So don’t think it twice, buy now. And remember this MONEY BACK GUARANTEED. (Make them feel safe)

if you don’t like it you can ask for a refund in 30 to 90 days YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE.


So act now, you don’t wanna miss this! But BEFORE YOU CLOSE THIS WEBSITE.



MUAHAHAHAHAHAA! Ok… Thanks for your purchase, see you on the Value Ladder!


Brand storytelling: The secret sauce


Yeah, that’s why you love my blog, guys…

I will teach you a lot of stuff for free that everybody is asking you to pay them for that.

Stick with me in this project, maybe we can learn something new every week!


See you in the next post!


Google Certified Marketer, Master in Digital Business, MBA, Consultor, Audio Engineer, Music Producer and Voiceover
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