Building website traffic: 7 ways

Building website traffic: 7 ways

Building website traffic takes a lot of time if you try to do it organically, click here and learn how to get all the traffic you can in a short term!


By V-Future

Today we gonna learn about building website traffic, and a lot of people don’t know where to start.

First of all, you know what we need?


In consequence, you will have to invest a lot of money. Otherwise, you will last an eternity to get noticed if you don’t want to invest.

But if you don’t want to wait (and trust me, you will spend a lot of time trying to grow organically) you must learn about building website traffic as soon as possible.

Fortunately. I’m here to help you!

In addition, you will monetize your website so you will get all your money back.


Building website traffic to get a buyers list


There are a few ways to achieve your goal. You need buyers, not views and followers. So let’s focus on what’s important here:

We have paid options and free options, but if you value your time, consider saving some money in order to have a marketing budget:


First, solo ads. 


Pay another people in the same niche then you, to send an email talking about your business to their email list.

Say something like: « Here I’m gonna pay you uh… 537 dollars for 537 conversions»

Sure… What does that person need to do? Just send an email and wait…

That person has a lot of credibilities, you are new here so you will need to build your presence on the internet first.

And if that person recommends your business, you are earning people’s trust. 

Not to mention it’s a win-win situation.

Because you are building website traffic using another people’s email list


Second, classic banners


Rent a space for a specific time, you will contact those ad publishers to design and put the banner around web related pages.

You can pay a flat amount or a bid.

Also, you can pay for Facebook ads and save some money in the way.

You can improve your «click-through rate» doing A/B Testing, so you can see what works better.


Third, media buys


This means you gonna pay a magazine to publish about your business and I explain in this post how to reach them.

As a matter of fact, when a great mass media makes a review of your business, it gives you even more authority.

People usually buy products they’ve heard before. So we need to drill their minds “Hey, I exist, buy my stuff”


But I’m poor and I don’t have the budget for building website traffic.

Building website traffic, get more visitors and make more sales.

Ok… Let’s try with this.


Fourth, Giveaways/contests (I hate this one)


Because let’s suppose you open a facebook/Instagram page and you start «giving away iPhones».

( C’mon, who will spend money to giveaway 1000 iPhones?).

You start posting a contest telling people some ridiculous statement like this:

«If you share, like this post and tag your friends, eventually you can win one of these 1000 iPhones.»

“Comment your favorite color because you can win an iPhone”

“We have 2000 iPhones that came without warranty seal so we are going to give them to you”

Eventually, you will get a lot of naive people trusting your dirty and cheap trick of giving away iPhones.

You know what’s the problem?

The problem is: If you are selling skateboards and you have a lot of people following your social media accounts, you will get no sales.

And why?

Despite the 100k people following you, in reality, there is not even one single skater.

Suddenly, you realize that if you have 100k followers and ZERO sales, you are a loser.

But if you wanna clap yourself on the back with thousands of followers that never interact with your brand, that’s up to you.


Fifth, Write a blog


This will be very helpful, that’s why I’m here writing a lot of content, in order to get noticed by Google. Building website traffic by SEO is a good option.

You can send emails with a short description of your blog posts.

For the first time, you start writing on the blog you are like: “Oh god this sucks” but after a few times you start to like this.

Writing blog posts is a habit you must develop because you can help people learn new things and sell them your products.

Not to mention you learn a lot of thins while you are investigating to create your next post.

Get indexed on Search Engines, learn new stuff, teach people and make them your clients.

See? everybody is happy!

Besides, you reinforce the lecture habit in youngsters.


Sixth, Open a YouTube Channel.


A lot of people makes videos about their blog posts on Youtube and building website traffic for their website, social media accounts, they even get emails for their lists.

That’s a really good strategy because there is a lot of people that have vision problems don’t like to read. So you can make videos and they will learn, despite their blurry vision lack of interest in reading.


Seventh, Guest posts.


Tell some colleagues to feature your post in their blog. Using this method you will get a lot of backlinks that will support your website on the Search Engine Page Ranks.

It’s not complicated, it’s up to you!

See you in the next post!


Google Certified Marketer, Master in Digital Business, MBA, Consultor, Audio Engineer, Music Producer and Voiceover
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