Copywriting Basics: 15 great tips

Copywriting Basics: 15 great tips

15 useful copywriting basics tips that will help you to improve your persuasion skills, copywriting is a skill that you can develop in a short time.


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Copywriting Basics: 15 great tips

Copywriting basics” is today’s keyword. So we must use it a few times on this article in order to be indexed on the google ranks. So while I talk about copywriting basics, the Google algorithm is indexing every single time I write copywriting basics on this article, because that’s what they are asking me, hey, blame Google, not me!

I’m just trying to rank copywriting basics, it’s a good opportunity because copywriting basics is not a keyword very used, that allows me to get in the line before copywriting basics become very saturated and that will make it hard to index on the search engines.

Got it? This is how it works… Repeat the keyword a few times in your text, in the order you want, in at least 1 header, the first paragraph, and voilá.

Copywriting basics you can't miss

Ok, Tell me those 15 tips now!

  • First of all, you can’t be effective if you don’t know who you are writing for, what they think and what they need, so focus on your ideal customers and do a good research before writing, take a look on google keyword planner first.
  • Use the AIDA Model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).
  • As a matter of fact, headlines go viral, posts don’t.
  • Keep It, Super Simple. Use transition words at least in the 30% of the sentences.
  • 5. Try to have a sense of humor, not to mention if you are super serious you will bore your readers.
  • 6. Imagine you are a person interested in that topic, what would you search in google?
  • 7. Nobody goes far without getting their hands dirty, so don’t paint in the darkness, use this tool to cheat practice
  • 8. Copy what the big guys are doing and take it to your area ( ).
  • 9. Use some images attached with your text, but try to not use those stock photos about cliché white people laughing with salad or opening their arms in front of a landscape, that’s cringy. You can find good free images at
  • 10. Use impair numbers, for example, 7 ways to make your low end sound better, 21 new techniques of mixing on buses, Best 5 styles of musical composition.
  • 11. Use the pyramid that I used in the post.
  • 12. If you want magnetic headliners, be specific, helpful, use punctuation, fix mistakes, ask questions, use the 5 W’s (Who, what, where, when, why).
  • 13. Create expectative.
  • 14. Deliver valuable content, of course.
  • 15. This is addicting, so you will be making a lot of content soon, enjoy it!
Copywriting Basics Pyramid


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