Digital Marketing Jobs: Get one now!

Digital Marketing Jobs: Get one now!

Interested in Digital Marketing Jobs? This is an interesting post about how many options do you have in this profitable career.


By V-Future

Due to the quantum leap between traditional marketing and the digital era, it seems that this career has become in a revolutionary career which has a lot of demand. In Digital Marketing we use the internet to attract a client base to offer them our products and services via Social Media, Search Engines, Email. Are you looking for Digital Marketing Jobs? Stick with me in this post!


The best part is all the money you can save printing with the plotter, save trees!


Online Marketing (A.K.A Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing) Seizes the internet power to attract consumers using the following methods

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing



Digital Marketing Jobs are rising on demand and you have to absorb all the information you can digest in the less time possible. Keep in mind there is a lot of courses, resources, webinars, ebooks and tutorials that can help you to achieve your goal to become a Digital Entrepreneur and find good Digital Marketing Jobs , it is possible that you can reach the desired «laptop lifestyle» if you focus on becoming a great “new school marketer” maybe with a lot of passion and perseverance, gaining experience on the way. Digital Marketing Jobs are everywhere.

I recommend you to start gaining experience with a friend’s business because that will train you in order to get ready to the employers, whom will ask you inevitably if you had experience in the area. This will save you a lot of frustration. Since Digital Marketing Jobs are all around the corner. 

So this is likes studying any other career, medicine, architecture, engineering, there’s always new knowledge, as usual, it’s constantly changing and emerging. You never stop learning the new trends. Therefore Digital Marketing Jobs is an amazing opportunity.

Try to use all marketing online the tools you have learned to use until now, offer your services using PPC, leads in facebook, write posts like this one, upload videos on youtube, infographics on Pinterest (learn about graphic design, is easier than you think) because all that is your experience, copy and paste some of that on your cv in LinkedIn so you can show that to your employer and see the huge amount of Digital Marketing Jobs are around there!


Digital Marketing Jobs List:



Branding & PR


Content Marketing


Google Adwords

Pay Per Click

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Small Business Entrepreneurship

Social Media Marketing


You can work on:


Advertising Agencies


In-House Online Marketing With Corporate Sector

Internet Companies

Online Media Companies

SEO Agencies

Small Businesses

Maybe I can hire you if I’m too busy in the next months so you can earn like 80% of your work and I will get you some clients, think about it!

This is a very lucrative career if you are a single person without kids and debt like me, so this will be the holy grail for you because you can work from home and make money online without the fear of falling on scams, 100% legit.

Stick to a plan to get a result. No plan, no result.

Communicate the message of your business.

Set a realistic goal.

(A few sales, leads, subscriptions in a timeframe)

Manage your resources

(Content, Contributors, Information Cycle, Budget, Outsourcing, Sales Cycle, Time)

Test your market and see what’s more profitable, in this way, you will save a lot of money.


The basics


So, What is SEO? To get started, SEO is an online strategy to review what is people looking for in google based on keywords. So let’s be real, most people search everything in google so we can discard bing and Yahoo because they are irrelevant nowadays. This is concerned with the visibility of a website on the first pages of Google. High ranked websites get more visits because people are lazy and they don’t wanna scroll too much, but you can use that on your favor. Therefore make your web easy to find.

Social Media Marketing is the act of using facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. In order to attract a potential audience, clients, etc. By sharing content and going viral, encouraging brand trust promoting interest in it. Every platform is different, you can publish news on Twitter, post infographics on Pinterest, videos on Instagram, conversational threads on Facebook, find what better suits your business and stick to 2. Don’t try to open an account on every platform.

Email Marketing is not about sending spam via email, this is about to engage in a relationship with the clients, remember them you still exists, offering deals, giveaways, promotions, discounts, you name it. A good strategy to get emails for your mailing list is offering a pdf, webinar, etc. For free. But remember to use great headlines and learn to be a good copywriter if you want to engage the readers with your message.

So you will not get bored of doing the same all the time, there are plenty of digital marketing jobs

Wait… Do I have to write emails?


Maybe you think «But email marketing is a waste of time»

In contrast, let me show you why you are wrong and how you can make it profitable for you:

So let’s imagine you have a mail list of 22000 emails and we have to make 1,500 to 2000 dollars every single month. If you want to make money you need to email them often.


Let’s take like 5 days to get a good campaign:


Day 1: Tell them why they should be paying you attention. Get them motivated to get them to know you as the solver of their problems but try to be brief.

Day 2: Enter a point of high drama. Talk about how your prospects are feeling right know using storytelling. Their frustrations, their unfulfilled needs. Storytelling is a topic for another post.

Day 3: You introduce your epiphany, summarizing, It’s like a revelation, a sudden realization, like when I spent 14 years producing music and suddenly I realized why my songs sounded so bad, that was because I wasn’t using aux channels, neither stereo enhancers, even I didn’t know what tape saturation was to that date. So now my music sounds incredibly good because of that epiphany.

Day 4: You will talk about the hidden benefits of your epiphany, for example, «The one single old trick I used to lose weight forever». 

Day 5: You will call to action, «Hey guys, listen, I only have limited spots for this program so I need you to act quickly before I increase the price» Certainly, I’m going to do that to make the people feel the urgency to buy because it’s something once in a lifetime, oh yeah, we are a really exclusive group that shares an ancestral secret. Why does this work? because scarcity means value. 


Bonus: «Click the buy button below and I will send you the definitive guide to become an attractive and charismatic person, this is a “one time offer”, you will not get this content anywhere»


Yeah, that’s false too… but that’s an incentive to make them pay for your product. I know, it’s dirty, shady, but I’m just showing you how you can make email marketing work for you.

I say this because I’ve seen a lot of websites that will take their product down in the next 24 hours since 3 years ago, longest 24 hours ever!

As usual,  just take 5 days to make a good campaign

But remember, if you are too lazy for that or you want to leave it in my hands, don’t hesitate to contact me, I will do my best to attend your business.

I hope you learned something new today

See you in the next post!


Google Certified Marketer, Master in Digital Business, MBA, Consultor, Audio Engineer, Music Producer and Voiceover
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