Find Someone’s Email Using RocketReach

Find Someone's Email Using RocketReach

RocketReach is a paid service that can help you to how to find someone’s email just typing basic info on the search field, displaying a list of options.


By V-Future

When you are struggling with how to find someone’s email, you can count on some tools.


Let’s talk about RocketReach


This is a method you can use to find someone’s email called «RocketReach».

Of course, it is a paid service to how to find someone’s email but you can start with a free trial.

Not to mention the free trial allows you to make only 5 monthly searches.

You can put in almost anyone’s name and find accurate contact forms with them.

Then, you can add those contacts with the checkmark at the right of the screen.

The green checkmarks mean those are the most workable emails.

The orange ones are almost never used but on occasions, it will be the ones that you can see.


find someone's email

How to find someone’s email with a database


You can even upload a CSV and this is something that you can do on LinkedIn but it costs a lot of money, this one is cheaper.

Users are looking for contacts so it’s useless for you to get free emails if you are already connected with those people.

(CSV is a database. «Comma Separated Values», it’s used to store information lists in Microsoft Excel and ripped off similar programs:

Those are the best free alternative to Microsoft Office: OpenOffice, SoftMaker Office, and LibreOffice, those are ads free alternatives ).

There’s also an API for devs, maybe you are some of those godlike people who can understand about programming and open a phyton script.

Now, let’s say someone is trying to clout your new startup and you have a press release ready to conquer the media.

 But you have no idea about it:

«How can I reach journalists interested in my startup»

Let’s go to an established newspaper or magazine for example and look for a similar article.

You can see below the header, the name of the person that wrote the article.

Let’s copy and paste that name at RocketReach and you will see what happens!.

find someone's email

A detailed list of information


Get a resume, the business where that person works, the current location and some emails.

Maybe you can’t find an email address with the domain.

So send a generic email to all copying and pasting them on the CC section of your email provider.

This is an easy way to make new contacts, you can start today building a couple of valuable relationships with RocketReach.

This is not cheap at all but always remember:

«Price is what you pay, the value is what you get».

See you in the next post!


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