search engine placement: understanding seo

search engine placement: understanding seo

Search engine placement is a must nowadays because you need to get noticed or else your clients will not be able to find you, here you have some good tips!


By V-Future

With local SEO, backlinks aren’t essential for search engine placement. The only thing that matters here is reviews.

If you type in google some kind of business from your city you will see a card with information, schedule, location, reviews etc.

All you need to do is go to Google My Business, click Start Now and follow along with the instructions.

You can have a look at what this is all about. And it basically tells you what you need to do in order to index your business.

You can even create a little website in a couple of clicks, Google makes our search engine placement a lot easier.

It’s not like a real website like this one but it helps a lot to get search engine placement.

This allows you to have your business featured on the right side of the google search results.


search engine placement


Next, you can add your business at Tripadvisor or Yelp, even a Facebook Page!

In a Facebook page, you can get reviews from your favorite clients and climb up the local SEO rankings.

Those tools can help people to find you near because they can ask Siri or google maps to find a business like yours.

So now let’s talk about more techniques!

Go to Instagram, look for the search field and go to places.

Disable your location and search for other people’s location.

So put a city in the search field and you will see top people from that city.

Now send a random person with a lot of followers from that lists a message like this one:

“Psst… Hey… I have a restaurant, if you come here and make a post about it with at least 100 likes I will give you this dessert, how about that?”

Search engine placement

Everybody loves free stuff and discounts


Do this like 100 times per month and you will grow your search engine placement thanks to Instagram influencers.

A lot of locals will see people talking about your business and more people will see your company and go.

I love this principle of reciprocity because it makes people happy about your business.

And remember, keep posting nice pictures of your products or services.

What about services? Let’s say you are a tattoo artist and let’s say something like

«If you bring a friend with you to get a tattoo in my shop, I can give you a 30% discount on the tattoo you choose»

And that will motivate people to go to your place and engage with your brand, that’s so simple!


Rank your posts


Let’s keep it simple. This is about optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and get more traffic.

You will optimize the content and the source code to make it happen.

If you don’t make this you will not rank at the top of the list so it will make harder for your clients to find you on the internet.

Let’s try to find for example… Dog toys. We can see the top of the list are PetSmart, PetCo, and Chewy.

Those websites open really fast. They use a lot of keywords to get noticed organically.

If they didn’t do that, they would appear on page 10 on the google search and people will never go that far, 3 pages maximum.

The industry’s standard is a plugin called Yoast SEO.

It helps you a lot to know how to be a good copywriter but the free version has some limitations for example:


One keyword per article in Yoast SEO free version


But it can be really useful by the way, just keep posting content as I do here.

This is not rocket science, you must look at the Readability Analysis and check what your post needs to get SEO improved.

Don’t use stop words on the slug, Google doesn’t like that.

Try to repeat the focus keyword at least 10-20 times over the text

Use a lot of transition words because Google loves it.

Don’t make the paragraphs too long, it’s easier for you and me to make short sentences instead of long paragraphs.

Use Headers, Heading 1 and heading 2 are ok. You don’t need to use them all from 1 to 6.

Generally, I use heading 1 at the top and heading 2 for the rest of the headers.


Descriptions and links


Don’t use passive voice because it can annoy the reader, It’s too politically correct and it gets old fast.

The meta description must contain the focus keyword on the beginning if it’s possible, no longer than 155 characters.

You can add images and add alt description using the focus keyword because it will index them to Google.

Use internal links… What’re internal links? Internal links are links from your own website. Another post you wrote for example.

Use outbound links because you will always need support material and external references to back up your posts.

That’s all… You see? SEO is not that hard as they make you believe.

You just must check the trends, change the keywords, look for something between 100-1000 searches and that’s all.


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