Semrush: Basic newbies approach

Semrush: Basic newbies approach

Never heard about semrush? this is a basic guide about how to understand this amazing analytic service for spying your biggest competitors.


By V-Future

What is semrush?

Semrush is a tool which can help you to understand what exactly your competitors are doing in Google.

So we can have an idea of how many cash they have spent on ads an stuff.

So in Semrush, we can see how many keywords they are using for ranking, the traffic cost, etc.

Of course, the more buyer intent you have, the higher value products someone might be looking for

All relate to how valuable these keywords are and the traffic you get from them.

Now, in Semrush we can have an idea about how many money you must spend on ads to get a similar traffic using the same keywords.

Certainly, we can get free traffic if we learn how to. If we have a large backlinks list we can make miracles with the number of visits.

By the way, Semrush can help you with that.


Semrush is a tool to spy your competitors

A quick overview of the interface


Display advertising refers to all those animated banners, this is a way to monetize your website.

Unless you force them to deactivate the adblock if they wanna see the content.

Some websites like use this strategy and they can do it because they have awesome content.

Below, we can see some cute graphics about how the traffic is behaving through the time telling us where is this traffic coming from, we see both paid and organic.

Scrolling down we can see them top organic keywords, we can see the volume, the position, how much it would cost to buy that, etc.

Down below we can even know competitors that we might not even know existed so we can see how many keywords in common we have with them.

We can click on those links and see their analytics, we can use this information to have an idea about how to position our website like them.

Some websites have over 90% organic traffic, that’s our goal, you don’t wanna spend a lot of money on ads, right? so let’s see how to increase traffic on my website.

Semrush has a very intuitive interfase

Budget and Traffic


If we scroll a little more we can see a section called «Sample Ads» so we can copy their formulas.

As well the anchor text, the backlinks, referring domains, publishers, indexed pages, sample text ads, etc.

This is vital information for us, go back to the top of the page and click the organic visits.

As you can see, a lot of traffic can be achieved in a short term.

As you go down, you can see where this traffic is coming from.

You can sort it whatever you want, volume, cost, difficulty, etc.

We can click on the cost percentage and have an idea of how many money they spent on certain keywords to get that amount of traffic,

Thus allowing see those numbers in volume, and see how much it costs in the CPC section.

So our intention is not to «save money in cost per click», therefore we can see in Semrush cheaper keywords with low difficulty.

Go for them because they are easier to rank.

Let’s go back and see the same results on the paid campaign and see what are they doing.

ahrefs site explorer

Keywords and ad Formula


We can see the exact ad they are using to that keyword in Semrush

Now proceed to copy the formula

Click the «Trend» section in Semrush in order to see the most successful ad from them

The formula of a successful advertising is:

Logic + Call to action + Emotion + Benefit + Call to action

Be brief. Don’t make ads too long because that’s boring.

This was a very brief introduction to this awesome tool, now you have a clear idea about this awesome tool.

See you in the next post!


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