Advertising on social media: Do it right.

Advertising on social media

Advertising is easy, here you have a quick guide for Facebook, Twitter and Email, increase your Return Of Investment and get clout!

By V-Future

Advertising on social media… This is a delicate topic, please focus on a couple of those because you can’t have a profile on every platform.

Briefly, Inbound marketing is about creating search-friendly content that can be used for advertising your product:

So be familiar with yourself if you want others to follow you.

Who are you?
What’s your goal?
Why are you different?

Equally important is to show consistency in everything you do. So, If you are a personal brand advertising yourself, Therefore you can use Instagram and Youtube to seize your visual content.
As a result, remember, less is more.

Certainly, you must try to sound as natural as possible, interact with people like they are friends of yours, but remember, they are not «buddy» neither «pal» or «lad» or something like that, they are «sir» and «madame». Since it doesn’t matter if they are 12 years old teenagers, or adults 40 years old, even more, they are «sir» and «madame.»

Most noteworthy, Social Media Advertising is not a substitute for Marketing.

Even more, you can combine Social Media Advertising and Traditional Marketing to get more clout so we can reach their friends as well.

While In traditional marketing, the sale is the final objective, in this new era, that’s just the beginning.


Social Media Advertising is designed for a different purpose for each platform.


Facebook: Conversational posts
Twitter: News
Youtube: Videos
Fortunately, we have a lot of options, but let’s talk about Facebook

Selling on Facebook.


Fortunately, Facebook right now is the biggest social network in the world, just imagine how many people would be interested in your business.  Since it’s very intuitive, so even a person without knowledge can learn how to use it in a couple of days. It gives immediate feedback from your customers while brings you offers to make advertising on a budget.

Most notably, Facebook is easy to communicate with people, it has its own app for phones and tablets. You can even improve your SEO by spreading your content through all the communication channels it has, for example, chat, video, image, inbox messages, posts and anything related to your business.

So if you pay a few bucks and you will have access to all the facebook database in order to promote your business with social media advertising.

The main disadvantage of facebook is that it not yours. As a result, you are subject to their rules, some of their rules are plain stupid… Everything you post, even a stupid duckface picture of yourself, belongs to facebook.

Now you can’t post something and wait for all your followers watch it, because you can only access a little percentage of them, thanks to the new updates.


 Create a social media advertising strategy using facebook:


Study your competitors so they will show you when and how you should be on facebook.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel,  hence, copy what they are doing, because if they are your largest competence, that’s for something they do. So spy them, what they do to stay relevant, how they interact with people, why they post on certain hours when they launch promotions, coupons, deals, giveaways, contests, etc.

Consequently, develop your brand because the brand is as important as the marketing. Analyze your audience. Create your buyer persona. Focus the majority of your advertising budget on your ideal demographic. Create human conversations with your ideal customers and plan your marketing channels accordingly.

Plus, you must to create a facebook page, don’t create a Facebook profile for your business due It’s a bad idea. You are only limited as much as 5000 contacts. people don’t like to have a brand advertising their products on their friends’ lists.

So this is the structure of an effective Facebook ad, the secret to making an attractive advertising is to mix emotions and logic in the same ad

Emotional: Benefit
Rational: Great Features
Emotional: Happy and Relaxed
Rational: No risk, try free
Social Proof: Testimonies, as seen on (insert big fish here, this is optional)

 Get followers on twitter, RT’s and engage with your audience



The reason why Twitter is really simple is that it’s a social media platform that allows 280 characters, images, polls and videos. Fast-spreading via Retweet and Like, you can contact people via Direct Message and follow trends. Whereby, information travels fast on Twitter, it’s ideal to promote yourself as an influencer, short-term advertising campaigns, announce new products and support customers. Same as the modern version of writing on the walls for the pass walkers.

Your advertising must be interesting, unique, inspiring, educating, valuable, with a link (call to action)

So the most retweeted tweets contain the following words

1. Please, Free, Post, Help, Blog, Great, Check Out, Freebies, Breaking, News, Warning, Contest.

2. Don’t use too many hashtags in a single tweet, Rather use 2 o 3. People can find it annoying.

3. Put Hashtags in your bio related to your business, so you can attract prospects.

4. If you are going to post a video, it must be short. Although, short content is better.

5. Be polite but use your sense of humor if you can.

6. Use gifs instead of emojis

7. Don’t tweet too much because it gives the impression you have no life. in contrast, 5 tweets per day at a certain hour is perfect.

8. Be as relevant as you can.

9. Don’t block trolls, let them be pathetic, they hate themselves so that’s a relief.


Proven ways to use email marketing correctly


This is extremely important for building brand awareness.

Because it generates leads, increases sales, persuades people to stay in touch with you.

Email Marketing is sending promotional messages to targeted audiences explaining the benefits of your business and calling to action using copywriting.

We generally read emails from acquaintances because it’s relevant to us, so our goal here is to create relevant content only.

So summarizing, we must segment our emails. So we can’t send the same message to an elder and to a teenager. But remember, don’t assume they will act immediately. Not everyone is ready to buy. First of all, you must segment your target audience, what you are promoting, who would need what you are offering. Study the market and find it out, so you have to be sure who is the people you will help with your business so it will reduce advertising costs and time.

Let me show you how to find your right target market.


Know who is your buyer persona elaborating a fictional character like this:

Residence Area
Education Level
Average Income
Where do they usually buy their food
Where do they go on vacations
Who are their friends
Where they usually socialize



Name: John Doe
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Location: Breda, Holland
Marital Status: Single
Children: No children
Profession: Salesman, Entrepreneur, He owns a startup.
Hobbies: He likes to travel and stay in 5 stars hotels, go to the gym, read a lot, he likes to watch webinars, his friends are married, with kids, so he is alone most of the time, this means he has a lot of free time to build his brand.

We can see he likes to watch webinars, so we can offer a webinar related to the content he is looking for and get his email on our database in order to promote your business to him by using certain tools like courses, ebooks, etc.



1. Emails should have personality

2. Keep it Nice and simple

3. On every email, add some kind of tips, humor, try to stimulate emotions somehow

4. The header is 80% of the equation

5. Don’t write too much, rather try to use briefs paragraphs

6. Be as friendly as you can

7. Speak directly to your buyer persona, always use the word YOU

8. Have a strategy

9. Put a calendar, emails should be sent 1 or 2 times per week, due to people will hate you if you send too many emails.

10. Try to add images or videos because this will make easier the reading of your email, let them rest a little.

11. Be brief because most people are using phones nowadays to read emails.

12. Once again, don’t be too perfect.

13. Call to action now.

Use the same design you use on your website because everything you do must be on the same path, don’t try to overcomplicate things using different designs to every digital platform.

Don’t add attachments because that will saturate their inbox, a host that content on a server like google drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon AWS, etc.

Manage your database, Edit, organize, segment and update it frequently.

Prioritize your contacts

Never start sending emails without those rules. Skip one rule and you will be reported as an annoying sender and your provider will close your account.

See you in the next post!


Google Certified Marketer, Master in Digital Business, MBA, Consultor, Audio Engineer, Music Producer and Voiceover
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