Storytelling Techniques For Your Character

Storytelling Techniques For Your Character

Storytelling techniques for your attractive character that will help you to get a lot of conversions while you have fun sharing valuable knowledge to people


By V-Future

Now we are going to talk about storytelling techniques that the attractive character must have to connect with people.

It doesn’t matter if you are the attractive character or someone else, this always works so you don’t have to innovate.

This works because archetypes and stereotypes are based on real cases.

Storytelling techniques are essential to connect with people


So let’s suppose if I’m a poor person, I’m going to have a lot of odd things that poor people may run into:

“I can barely eat, all my money is going straight to pay bills, the college debt, my mortgage, my car loan, this is so frustrating”

Whatever it is for the storytelling techniques that I’m so relatable to people talking about those problems they have.

That’s one of the things I like to do if you ever have any hesitation towards.

If you use those storytelling techniquesit builds a long-term brand.

Bulent from Kv331, Dmitriy from EDM Ghost Productions.

The idea is that these people maybe are not the actual owners of the company, they just represent the brand.

So when you use storytelling techniques people will feel related to the things that happen to you.

And we can build a few scenarios about that.

Your framing needs to be around one of the six storylines and it’s going to be very easy to then right around that polarization.

Before and after


You need to start at that point of high drama, this is one of the most used storytelling techniques.

This is the first step to relate with people “and here’s who I became after this”

So you need to talk about how your life sucked at that moment.

“I realized I just could barely eat, all my money went straight to pay bills, the college debt, my mortgage, my car loan”

You love complaining, so use it now to your favor… Be very negative, I know you love it, ok? So seize the moment to nag here.

Normal people have all these types of scenarios, even rich people have money problems.

“So I was there, sitting on my mom’s couch, with a useless college degree, a huge debt, a bad credit score, I felt so stupid.”

And just at that moment before people start to feel disgusted by how pathetic human being you are:

“I solved all my money problems creating several streams of income, now I’m a prosperous person”



This is the part when you fail miserably and you have to make something because you hate yourself.

It remembers me when I was so fat my face looked like a frog, I reached the bottom and I decided to do something.

And I said I’m going to lose all this weight because I started to look so damn ugly, man… I was repulsive!

I already was in a bad point, I was fat all my life but it got worse and I had to do something.

Everyone loves hearing that story of how things get worse.

People love to see you fail, they laugh, they mock on you, that makes them feel better about themselves (and identified).

The secret


One of the most controversial storytelling techniques is this one because a lot of people are doing it wrong.

The idea is to give them the secret and tell them “You want more? click here and buy this product”

But if you are going to kidnap people in an hour-long video and never tell that secret, they will hate you for waste their time.

So create a lot of expectation and tell the secret, at the very end of the presentation just before selling your product.

“You know how I lost weight? It wasn’t eating every 2 hours super expensive food…

It wasn’t starving to death, neither using those dangerous or useless supplements bodybuilders use.

Well, I’m going to tell you is the last resource I had to use in order to lose weight once for all.

But first, let me explain to you how this works.”

Remember, too much mystery is boring, drop some hints of information, don’t be too secretive.



We’ve all been on long journeys like “It took me 30 years of my life to understand what I was doing wrong”

Now you’re having this amazing discovery, it doesn’t have to be rocket science but it is what matters now.

That’s all we ever want to present because if it goes anything outside of that one thing it starts confusing people.

People get to the point where they’re going to stay for, this is the point where you split the audience up.

This is one of the best storytelling techniques.

Like for example… You never had money in your pocket because you were always buying avocado toasts every day.

Every cigarettes package, cookie, subway sandwich you consumed after work every day is draining your budget.

And you never had control over your finances, you were just spending money like crazy in an irresponsible way

So you discovered a great way to track every dollar you earn instead of spending spree like if you were an Arab sheik.

And you are going to tell them exactly how you paid all your debts and stopped struggling with money in your info product.

That’s all… See how almost every point on this list is almost related in the same way?


Storytelling Techniques

Us vs them


When we talk about storytelling techniquesthe Us vs Them technique is a must.

This tactic is used by communists, every single day, that’s how they deal with their mediocrity. 

Also, this is used by conspiracy theorists to justify their mumbo-jumbo stories.

“Venezuela is the most expensive and poorest country in the world because of U.S.A, socialism has failed because of them”

“The president is a puppet of evil corporations, banksters and bigger countries like Russia and China”

“When men realize we are giving too much in exchange of sex, women will lose their power, they are evil creatures”

You know us versus them is one of those storytelling techniques you can find everywhere in the world.

All we want to do is to blame someone else for our stupidity and incompetence.

They’re in it against you and it’s not your fault because they are against you.

There are a lot of dark interests in this world and that’s an undeniable truth but you are an adult now, for god sake!

Yeah but you are immature so you need to blame someone else and get rid of any sense of responsibility.

So people need to be told something like this “Hey you are fat because of the evil food industry and the big pharma”.

“And your genetics makes you fat, you are just a poor victim of their evil plans, they want you fat”

“They want to sell you food that makes you sick and medicines, a healthy you is not a good business”

Despite everything is happening in your life is your fault, you feel better if someone tells you “it’s not your fault.”

Want to earn trust? Blame someone else… It always works! Unless you are talking with very smart people.



Probably one of the oldest storytelling techniques I can remember.

It’s as simple as “hey look what this person is about to tell you about my program”.

This adds a lot of credibilities, use reviews, hire people for that,  nobody else will know.

Nobody wants to buy a product that no one hasn’t used before, it’s very risky and people hate it.

If a person seems to be very happy with a purchase and it’s spreading how this product changes lives, that’s great.

When we are very happy with a purchase, we spread the word.

By the same way, you can ask a friend “I have a dandruff problem, please recommend me the best treatment”

Your friend will tell you “Use this brand, it’s just amazing”

So you are reducing a lot of fear in the mind of the prospect.

Remember: A confused person will not buy anything.

See you in the next post!


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