Ad Management Platform: AdEspresso

Ad Management Platform: AdEspresso

This ad management platform maximize your profits and allows you to save as much money as possible in order to make effective campaigns for facebook


By V-Future

With this ad management platform, you can exploit every cent of your marketing campaign on facebook

You don’t need an established marketing agency like me to use this ad management platform.

Everybody knows Mr. Zuckerberg wants you to spend all your money, so use this ad management platform to save a lot.

This ad management platform allows you to use automation and data to minimize your spends and maximize your ROI.

You can start a free trial of 2 weeks, not to mention no credit card required.

During the free trial, just put your Facebook account and let this ad management platform do the rest.

Ad Management Platform that will save you a lot of money

AdEspresso, a great ad management platform 


The thing I like more about AdEspresso is the intuitive interface, even a stupid donkey like me will not get lost in a huge menu full of weird options.

First of all, we see is a box to name our campaign, then we see the tags box, after that we can choose the type of campaign, what do we want to promote like for example:

External Website: Get more traffic to your brand new website with this tool

Lead Generation: Capture emails, phone numbers, email addresses and harass people like that weird, fat and bald basement dweller guy, does with pretty women.

Facebook Messenger: Start a spontaneous chat with a prospect like: «Hi! I’ve heard you are unemployed, broke and pseudo-artistic human being, so let me help you with your depression offering you this awesome International Tour Package. Because nobody travels more around the world than a jobless like you» And voilá, you’ve just made a sale!

Local Awareness: Attract potential customers for your business in your city.

Instagram Story: Make annoying videos or images promoting your stuff like a person turning his back to the camera in front of a majestic landscape with open arms and the same stock music used in every video you see on the internet «Let me show you how to live like an eccentric Arab Sheikh in Dubai working online with just a laptop, swipe up and join today»


Use several templates to see what works better


Let’s do something called split testing. This is creating variations on the same template to find out what maximizes your ROI. The less you spend on campaigns to get conversions, the better. And let’s see how it works:

You can have 50 variations at a time. Cut here, copy there and create a really effective advertisement that gets a lot of clicks.

The headline is 80 cents of a dollar, so make a great headline.

You don’t know how to do it? Read THIS ARTICLE

Then, write the rest of the ad below. Upload something like video, image, whatever is related.

Put your landing page. Make a Call to Action. Check the preview.

Check the rest of the options you think are more adequate to what you are advertising.

Preview the ad at a smartphone interface, tablet, etc. 

Ad Management Platform: A//B Testing

You can track the ad, also.


Further to the audience section, you can try a single audience or testing multiple, target people by location, country, zip code, local, gender, interests, lifestyle, and age

BUT I don’t recommend those last ones, for example:

Prince Charles, and Ozzy Osbourne.
Both born in 1948, from Great Britain.
Married with Kids, Successful, Rich and Famous, both love dogs and ski on the Alpes…
See? There’s no correlation between them despite their “buyer persona” characteristics.

However, you can retarget people connected to a particular page

So now you can make the split test.

You can have a lot of a little of the budget, as you desire.

A magic number? between 20-30 dollars per day.

Control your budget.


Distribute your budget as you want in the next options, use the CPC option and that will save you a lot of money.

You can define rule sets for your adds, increasing or decreasing the bids, limit the number of clicks and shut it out after it’s reached, you can define that too.

Discard the ads that aren’t making a lot of conversions and keep up with the ones that are getting good results.

It’s a very intuitive interface, you will not get lost here and it has way more options than the facebook itself.

But if it sounds too complicated for you, you can contact me.

See you in the next post!




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