RankBrain by Google: Easy explanation

RankBrain by Google, Easy Explanation

What is Google RankBrain? This short post tries to explain it by the simplest way possible in order to clarify all your doubts!


By V-Future

RankBrain consists of an algorithm that changes the SERPS in order to give you human-like results.

So that the user obtains a better search in the shortest possible time, in fact,  even 10% more accurate than before.

Additionally, you can benefit a lot of it if you improve your copywriting skills and put yourself in people’s shoes.

To summarize, RankBrain wants to show us exactly what we want to find in the first attempt.

Because their mission consists in emulate he potential of the human brain.


How does RankBrain work

For example, if we write “Marketing” the first thing we receive is a dictionary definition.

Overall, Google assumes that if we put a single word in the search field we simply want to know the definition of it.

However, the results change if I put “Digital Marketing” and the first thing that appears is “Hubspot”.

As well as several companies that are comparable because it interprets it as I want to investigate digital marketing.

Therefore,  you have a significant number of alternatives to choose from.

This system learns from humans with every search we do in Google, identifying patterns of behavior.

How to benefit from it

As a matter of fact, we have to be very good writers and create extensive content.

Try to write articles that include the following words: “How to” “Effortless” “Easy” “Simple” “Fast”.

As well as impair numbers list like for example “Copywriting Basics: 15 great tips

Include multimedia on your posts “Images, videos, audios, etc”

Even a website redesign can make wonders and RankBrain will notice it.

In either case, RankBrain wants to make people use only Google and hoard all searches on the internet.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, let’s seize all the benefits it comes with. See you in the next post!


Google Certified Marketer, Master in Digital Business, MBA, Consultor, Audio Engineer, Music Producer and Voiceover
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