Hunter Mail Finder: Overview

Hunter Mail Finder: Overview

Hunter mail finder is a really affordable tool to find corporative emails we can use to reach important people for networking purposes.


By V-Future

I’ve talked about a couple of email finders in past posts, Today we gonna talk about Hunter mail finder.

But it’s very important to have more tools at the palm of your hand so you can check what suits better for you.


 Hunter Mail Finder 


Today we will talk about Hunter Mail Finder, it’s one of the cheapest alternatives.

By the time, it can give you 100 emails free every single month.

Which is a good gift from then to us and consider buying the starter plan 49 dollars at most for 1000 emails.

Now, let’s suppose you want your startup featured in Cnet.

So you type the link in the search field in hunter mail finder.

In this case, we can see the verified checkmarks aside.

Hunter mail finder it’s based on an algorithm that follows certain patterns.

To the right of each email, you can see where this pattern is getting information from.

So right here we see a lot of sources that can make you feel safe.

This is helpful because if a lot of websites are using that address that means it’s the real deal.

Of course, you don’t have to do a generic approach to everybody on that list.

It’s better to find someone in specific, that’s what we can do here with the box below.

Let’s try with the first email address it displays.

People usually never changes their corporative email addresses.

But sometimes they get so many emails and prefer to do it.

If you go to the menu above the page, you can see a section called finder. It practically does the same.

Verifier is for knowing if the email you got from that person is legit and let hunter mail finder know it.

If you write a fake email, hunter mail finder will tell you:

«We couldn’t find this email address publicly available on the web»

Because no one is mentioning this address in any blog post, so you can trust in this tool.

hunter mail finder



There’s a bulk upload where you can add a lot of domains to get a lot of emails and companies related.

This works really good if you are looking for news about your niche.

By the way,  you can find a lot of articles about what you are doing around the web.

By the time you get those contacts to get more clout for your business.

You can upload a CSV file by the same way other similar services do.

The leads tab will let you a pseudo-CRM, you can put a lot of leads if you have your prospects info.

This will get us better-organized leads in less time.

It’s not vital but some people find it useful.

The Outreach section helps you to integrate it with your Gmail account if you want to put all that info in one place.

This helps you to see if someone open the email, clicked on the link and how many times the email was viewed.

But as long as you use Adblock it will not be possible to see this information.

You can do a lot of things with this tool for free and cheaper than most of those services if you have a little budget.

See you in the next post!


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