Value Ladder: Infoproduct’s cheat code

Value Ladder: Infoproduct's cheat code

This is the secret formula infoproducts use to sell their products, the value ladder. It has been present since the past 2 decades and still works fine!


By V-Future

Value ladder, how to apply it in our business:

The reason why you pay for advertising is that it’s almost guaranteed you will get a return of investment.

Like Henry Ford said: »Stop advertising to save money it’s like stopping the clock to save time».

In counterpart to organic growth, you are not hoping this ranks up on google.

Paid advertising will save you time, and time is the most valuable asset a human being has in life.

So you don’t have to wait for months in order to rank on google and get traffic and conversions with value ladder!


First of all, what is a value ladder?


The main idea is that you exchange information to break through someone getting their email address.

So you will give that person a free ebook, tips, presets, whatever, and they will give you their contact.

Therefore, you will need a good landing page to achieve this.

value ladder

Everybody wants more: your customers, your best people, your shareholders. Your competitors are ready to give it to them. You’ve already done a lot: Your costs are low, you’re focused on core capabilities, you’re leveraging the Internet. You’re taking advantage of the declining cost of bits and bytes to create more value for customers than ever before: offering your customers exciting new services, working in new ways with your suppliers, and entering entirely new businesses. Despite all this, you’re not delivering enough profitable growth.

So getting to say yes to this, is going to open your way to the sale.


Hey kids, do you want some presets?

*stares at them*

I got some samples here, do you wanna sound like marshmello, right?

*stare intensifies with laser eyes*

Just give me your email, click this green button and I will send you this template and a huge pack of tools!

The value ladder makes glow the people's eyes

Take this and gimme that


(People feel weird when they read a script with their name, it’s obvious… Save that for later, like for example, when the client buy the product)

Value ladder will open up the ability for someone to go to the next level where we will show our product or service.

Just keep at the same momentum and try to not bore the person with a lot of information.

Do you know, those 2 hours long videos with storytelling selling you something «revolutionary»?. Just don’t.

Usually, we will talk about «one time offers» if the prospect act right now will get a huge discount, a special bonus, a 1 on 1 coaching session with us.

Try to offer 3 options, I don’t know why but people react really good to impair numbers, that’s why most prices out there are like 47$ or 299$ or 125$ for example.

They have ready their payment option (change the call to action button to blue color here to make it more serious).

So you have really established that first step on the value ladder which it’s a really affordable price.

That’s really easy to say yes to and then you will start adding more and more «DLC».

For example, let’s say that person bought our product and then we send an email with the following text:

«Hi, congratulations on purchasing this product, we really hope to enjoy it and we hope it helps you a lot in your goal.

Now simply if you would like to get more of it, get this another product and it will be an excellent complement for your project.

Because here we can get extra tools and information about what you need that you will not find anywhere on the internet, not even in the pirate bay or the deep web ;)»

Then that person says… Ok this product is good, let’s see what these people have for me

«Oh look at this, it’s interesting, it can be really helpful, they really know what they are talking about…

Buy now… uh… add to cart… woah now the buy button is orange, it’s a little more expensive but ok»

Congratulations on buying this, now your experience will be better than before, we worked really hard to give you this.

Now let me tell you a secret. The big fishes in this industry are keeping this dirty trick away from you.

They usually do this and that, let me show you at least 7 things you were doing wrong all this time:

It’s an epiphany, right?


Now we bring on the bait:


Now imagine what we have for you in this another product, it’s the most complete system ever.

you will get all the information you need and let me tell you something.

if you can find something better than this, I will give you free the following lists of resources.

Wow, these people know how to fulfill clients needs, a red button? buy buy buy!

That’s if you have everything, now you will receive a weekly ultra VIP newsletter, that’s our gift to you.

Valuable information you will never get in any book, blog, report, etc. Now you have an unfair advantage over your competition.

See? we increased the price, adding value to those products, we have a happy customer.

We are giving extra content for our exclusive buyers that went so far in our value ladder.

So, maybe, in the future, they will buy more products because we earned their trust.


Value ladder, the click funnel


Now, let me tell you something very important, this is not always the case:

Some people just want the initial product, that’s nothing wrong about that.

This works in some cases, some clients are looking at exactly what you are offering and they don’t mind to invest in you.

This is not about pushing products, because you trust your products, you believe in them, you must persuade like:

«Hey I’ve heard you like this and maybe you would like that»

We are not tricky people because we are trying to help them!

Yes, I know this is some kind of «cheat code» but it’s not like a telemarketer trying to sell you something through phone, that’s annoying.

Oh, you are a telemarketer? I regret nothing!

See you in the next post!


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