search engine optimization basics

Search Engine Optimization basics

Search engine optimization basics is a really easy thing to do, find out here which are the rules to rank higher on google and avoid getting flagged as a spammer!


By V-Futue

Today I’m going to show you how are the search engine optimization basics

You are reading this because you want to reach number one page on google results.

Usually, people believe this has to be some kind of black magic tricks by experts but it’s not…

You can do it by yourself you just learn how to do it.

It will take them some time. Rome was not built in a day so please be patient.

You can start for example offering your services on a freelancers site like Fiverr or upwork.

So you can write your website in your profile, those websites have a lot of authority.

One thing you must keep in mind and that is if you are interesting means if you are an enthusiastic student

as you then only you must read this blog because I have seen various people just reading and not taking action.

You have to do each and everything about to optimize any blog post on your website for a CEO.

So let’s get right into it.

First of all, I’m going to use this keyword “search engine optimization” while I’m writing this post.

Use Bold in keywords and Italic to emphasize, always. Google loves it. Readers too.

I’m going to put the keyword in the URL (also known as a slug, link, etc.)

So we got a very good description to show people what this is all about.

Put the keyword search engine optimization above in the first paragraph and repeat it along the text

Now do something like this:


Search engine optimization: Put the keyword on a header


Yoast SEO suggests putting the keyword on a header to build authority amongst other websites.

You can add a free stock image from Pexels and put in the description and the alt description the keyword like this:

Now repeat the keyword search engine optimization so by this way Yoast SEO can detect a good density.

And then we gotta go down below and  put the focus keyword in the meta description

Keep writing your keyboard, in the case of this article is search engine optimization

But don’t overdo it because if you overpass the 2.5% of density it will be detected as SPAM.

You can put the keyword anywhere you want, as long as you are above 1% and below 2.5%

Search Engine Optimization Basics

How much do I have to write to improve my SEO?


A 60% of Flesch Reading Ease test is more than enough to post your article

But this will improve with time so don’t worry, every post you make will get a higher score.

All you need to do is keep writing your article more than or equal to the recommended minimum of 300 words.

Some people say Google tends to prefer long blog posts because that makes the content even more credible.

So, in this case, I’m going to make a ridiculously long post of 1800 words full of valuable information.

This will help to the search engine optimization of this website.

Google tends to rank first the websites with more content that posts at least once per week.

It’s always good to use new keywords but this will not ruin your life so don’t worry.

None of the paragraphs are too long that’s why I’m writing this way instead big blocks of text.

Zero percent of the sentences contain more than 20 words.

And then you’ll end up in the top page of search results and you get traffic.


Be careful with SEO Scams


So you might have seen probably many “agencies” that can rank your website on the top in a couple of days.

This is a long-term strategy it is not that you will rank first, nobody knows really how much time it can take to rank.

This is not the one to be specific it may take 6 months or it may take 3 years, just do it on a consistent basis.

If you keep posting fresh content using low competitivity keywords that are easy to rank you will reach your goal better

So you need to have patience in order to start a website and adding new content every week.

I am not giving you any “hack”  because this is not possible, there are billions of websites out there trying to do the same.

You will know all the tricks and you will know the steps to increase your ranking in this blog but take action now.

Search engine optimization takes time, there are millions of websites trying to compete with you. 

You can say that 99% of traffic goes to these websites on the first page of google.

So as your website is always on the first,  you will get most part of traffic which means that you will start making money.

Your business will automatically expand and you will start making thousands and thousands of dollars.

We need you to make our business grow to make our website grow to make our rank grow.

Search engine optimization is the answer.


How search engines work in order to understand SEO



This is very important for us to learn how search engines work and which is not taught in most blogs.

It is necessary for us to learn how search engine optimization work if we want to get some kind of results.

How often do you search on Google every day?

I think approximately four to five times.

Search engines provide their own search results from their own database.

So search engines have their own crawlers like Google has bought them and store them in their database.

That is why we create and submit our site using on Google webmaster tools so we can tell more about our website structure to search engines.

If you created a website or a blog post but it is not showing in Google search, there are reasons for that.

Google or other search engines don’t provide results directly from websites, it’s from crawlers.

This leads us to our next question.

How often does Google Crawl our website?

In general, it may take a few weeks to crawl.

Websites will be shown in search results only after crawling of such pages has been completed by search engine spiders.

However, the frequency to crawl differs from website to website.

For example, a higher domain authority publishes fresh and important news content at high frequency, it has priority to the spiders.

Now if I made a domain nobody knows at the moment don’t worry because It will take some time it takes some.

This can take like 45 days, just keep working on posting content with easy to rank keywords.


Biggest SEO Myth


This is basically a misconception that people are having.

Let’s search “marketing” on google and see the results.

So you just saw that it appeared on the first track so it is very natural.

Some of you might be thinking that it’s normal every time the name of a business it is appearing in the first place.

But the reality is Google responds to certain parameters (and some people have large budgets to advertising those keywords).

So it’s natural that if you are typing the name of that Web site it was automatically the rank on number one.

But if you see search engine optimization means ranking the Web sites based on certain parameters.

Now see this has a niche code known as marketing so if you type in digital marketing because this is related, see what happens:

Hubspot? What? Why?

That’s because they invested a lot of money to rank that keyword in the first place.

So I think that the main doubt from your mind must have been clear after learning that without optimization this is not possible.

Hubspot is the leader in this sector. You can even check on Semrush how much money you would need to rank like them.

Use Social Media to optimize your search results


Put your website link to every social media account of your business, this is like a backlink.

I only use Facebook and LinkedIn because if I start opening an account in every platform it will be a waste of time

Why Facebook and Linkedin, you say?

Because in LinkedIn I can get hired… In Facebook, you have the largest database ever to advertise your product and I sell marketing.

Most people who want to be influencers and YouTubers have a facebook channel because they can interact better with their audiences.

So… why do I have to visit your website?

Because… If you visit my website from my social media accounts I will give you a discount or a free gift and you will  be on my landing page

And I will get your soul email so we can keep in contact!

Put your website link into every post, every video, everything you share in your social media accounts with a link shortener.

But remember you can’t post the same things in every platform and please don’t link Twitter with Facebook if you use Twitter

People don’t like to go from one platform to another because the info you put there is too long for the format.

As a result, if the content you are posting doesn’t have an image, don’t post it on Instagram too…

Surely you can link Pinterest and Instagram because they are somewhat similar platforms.

Trust me, you don’t have time to post every time in all platforms.

Neither if you hire one community manager for every one of those.

Keep it simple, don’t waste your resources.


Use Facebook Ads to improve your SEO


I’m gonna show you another trick to skyrocket your SEO on Facebook.

Go to your ad manager tool and create an ad. Click on Engagement.

Click page likes.

Go and select your Facebook page.

Choose the audience which you’re going to send the advertisement

Select the age range of your buyer persona.

Now pick a language.

Remove all the big places where that language is spoken that you think are very expensive.

For example, if you speak English remove London, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney.

Keep all those small places where people speak in English. For example those 3rd world countries.

The reason for this is because they don’t usually advertise on Facebook so advertising here is cheaper.

A lot cheaper than advertising in big places like London, New York, etc.

As you can see the potential of reach is absolutely massive.

So there will be a lot of people to find for you and the estimated page likes per day is under 100 to


Exclude people which have already liked your page, don’t waste your money.

And in ad placement click feed.

So keep it on the Facebook wall and not in the right column.

Leave that and scroll down daily budget depending on how many likes you want to get each day

Set a schedule starting today, it will just run until you stop it.

You can set a budget per week too.

Put the bid on automatic.

And now what we’re going to do is click a single image and then we’re going to add an image.

We can remove this image first.

Use the formula I’ve told you before

And as you can see this is what the advert would look like.

See you in the next post!


Google Certified Marketer, Master in Digital Business, MBA, Consultor, Audio Engineer, Music Producer and Voiceover
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