Content Creation Strategies: Do or die

Content Creation Strategies: Do or die

A quick guide about content creation strategies and don’t die in the process, struggling with ideas? this post will help you to make it happen


By V-Future

Even if you’re an e-commerce you must get into content creation strategies.

Content needs to be your best seller, that’s what you need to put up front.

A lot of people on the internet like Grant Cardone are giving away free books and you only pay to ship.

And then that leads into people get to know them,  like them and trust them.

They get the credit card information So they know that they’re segmented themselves.

Most people aren’t willing to put their credit card on the landing page which gives away the free book.

Of course, Grant Cardone has established his brand and he can do something like that.

But you must develop your content creation strategies in order to earn that trust level.


content creation strategies


Let’s take an example. You are selling some of those revolutionary fitness programs

Now you must get into content creation strategies about things that go with losing weight.

This is going to offer a scalable for people to understand what they must do next and get conversions.

The trick here is just like showing them how to smell your food and make them enter your restaurant.

People assume that you are an expert on your area so that’s why you are always creating content to give them information.

They become addicted to all the valuable information you always share with them, in the format that works better for you.

So you tell them to click on your website for more exclusive content (blog posts, infographics, presets, etc).

Now you have a  new email subscription for your mailing list.

And then those are how people are going to attract and communicate with use view that e-mail.

They’re going to be inside your podcast, webinars, videos, etc.

content creation strategies

Use email tactics to engage your audience


What we are going to use here to get awareness is the SOAP and the Seinfeld.

Soap is for the beginning, Seinfeld is forever.

People will be waiting for you to give them that little push from behind to make them jump and buy.

You can pick and pull any ideas from or any styles of writing and communicate with your audience in that manner.

So keep these in mind whenever you create any form of content.

Is it just pointing to one goal: Call To Action.

Creating content is showing people what you are capable to do and tell them: Do you want more? Buy my stuff.

No matter where they are from, because they will be able to get involved in the story and how this could benefit them.

Good quality content will drive a lot of people to your shop, it will go viral and it will get you a lot of conversions.

You’re going to get sales coming in from random places just because you worked on content creation strategies.

First of all, you must study some good courses around there, but you can find great tutorials on Youtube.

You must make brief content, short videos. 1-3 minutes are enough for almost every topic.

So keep these things in mind content creation strategies takes some time, but it worth it and you’re going to be successful. 

Create content with ease


So when it comes to content creation strategies you have some tools that anyone can use.

You could just record yourself in a video talking and adding captions with Sony Vegas or something like that.

If you are too shy to show your face on camera, consider recording podcasts but first do a speech course.

Podcasts would be uploaded to apple music, SoundCloud, etc
People can hear your podcasts when they are driving to work so they don’t get distracted with images on youtube. 

Always promoting your product at the end of the show (video or podcast)

The reason I recommend you to do a speech course is that you must know how to talk to people.

Talk slowly, from your diaphragm, project your voice, express emotions, pronounce as good as you can.

If you can’t express yourself very good, you will bore people to death and you will fail.

So before creating content, make a course and learn how to use correctly your voice.

A lot of people are always struggling about how can I write an article today how can I do this and that.

And look. This is too easy, first, redact your script in a post blog using Yoast SEO so you will know how to.

You can even use Siri, Alexa or Google to write what you are saying and create content on the fly.


Sending emails to promote your content


Shorten your content to 200 words and call to action, so don’t overwhelm people with long emails.

Content is king, it inspires people, helps people and make them trust in your experience.

Invest all the time you want to create killer content, check this article about how to copywrite like a pro

Add social media share button to your content and call to action (subscribe, press like, etc).

So build up your audience, short and meaningful content is way better than long content.

Long content is only good for blog posts like this one, google indexes better long posts than short posts.

See you in the next post!


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